Our Essence Offer


Our Essence Offer Includes the following: 

     » 1 x T-shirt & Hoodie (High Frequency Elites design) - Please state your size at checkout

     » 5 x Detox Teas - While quantity lasts

     » 5 x Incense Essence candles - While quantity lasts

     » 1 Physical copy and .mp3 downloads pre-order of Alkaline Treats - EP by Kgreezy (High Frequency Elites) 

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5  Detox Teas & 5 Incense Essence Candles

Our Essence Offer - Detox Teas
5 Detox Teas Available
- cleanse your intestines, promoting better bowels
- cleanse your blood
- cleanse your major organs
- cleanse your throat and lungs
- overall health benefit

Get it while quantities last

1 tea bag can provide 4 cups. Great value, award winning formulations!
Our Essence Offer - Incense Essence

5 Incense Essence candles
- breath in the benefits of these candles
- change your environment
- candles for relaxation and good sleep
- candles for focus and concentration
- candles to help with weight management
- candles to help with laws of attraction

Burn with intention, to create manifestation

Get an Exclusive T-shirt & Hoodie

High Frequency Elites - T-shirt and Hoodie
Get an exclusive t-shirt and hoodie designed by the artists of High Frequency Elites.  You got us, we got you. Salute. Available in a variety of sizes and colors. Please state your size at checkout.
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Pre-order Limited Physical Copies - CD and .mp3

Physical Copies - CD and USB
Physical Copies - CD and USB
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Stream Rescue Missions - EP

Our aim. is to rescue our listeners' ears from suffering needlessly from low-vibration popular music. High Frequency Elites, we're here now! Our aim with Rescue Missions - EP our debut project, is to reach hearts and minds around the globe, one at a time. Access your favorite streaming platform below and listen to our music, feel our vibe, and high frequency. Enjoy!

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