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Energy Excellence Offer Includes the following: 

     » 1 x T-shirt (Energy Excellence design) - Please state your size at checkout

     » 1 x Custom Design Sneakers (Energy Excellence) - Please state your size at checkout

     » 1 Physical copy and .mp3 downloads order of For Such a Time as This - album by Enlivener (High Frequency Elites) 

     » 1 x High Quality Tracksuit (Energy Excellence) - Please state your size at checkout

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Custom Design Sneakers

Energy Excellence Custom Sneakers
Custom Design Sneakers made in Italy, Energy Excellence, fashion by High Frequency Elites.  Available in a variety sizes.

Energy Form-Fitting T-shirt

Form Fitting Energy T-shirt
Our Energy T-shirt is a staple in any man's wardrobe. It's soft, form-fitting, and pre-shrunk to maintain its shape after washing. Great for exercise at the gym or out for a walk in the city.  Available in a variety of sizes.
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High Quality Tracksuit

High Quality Tracksuit
High Quality Tracksuits available now in a variety of sizes

Limited Physical Copies - CD and .mp3

Physical Copies - CD and USB
Physical Copies - CD and USB*climate-removal*JPG?alt=media&token=a46341e9-af44-402b-becf-955914f84eaa
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Stream Rescue Missions - EP

Our aim. is to rescue our listeners' ears from suffering needlessly from low-vibration popular music. High Frequency Elites, we're here now! Our aim with Rescue Missions - EP our debut project, is to reach hearts and minds around the globe, one at a time. Access your favorite streaming platform below and listen to our music, feel our vibe, and high frequency. Enjoy!

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