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Live Streaming: Kgreezy Fine Art (Premiere) | New Song - Epiphany
Nature Boi - Harmonious Love - EP (Pre-Order)
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CHey High Frequency Elites Fans (Offpsring)

We want to invite you to spend some time with High Frequency Elites artists. On December 30th, 2022 at 11:11 pm EST members from the crew will be live streaming online.  

Our livestream will premiere Fine Art (official video) by Kgreezy, and we'll get to listen to his new track Epiphany (dropping tonight as well). I am also excited to be featured on it.  Kgreezy's Energy Capsules is available on Pre-order, and you also get a cool motivational t-shirt for your support. 

Also ahead of the launch of Nature Boi's upcoming Harmonious Love - EP release, here is an opportunity to listen to several tracks Fine Emancipation, Cruise Ship, and Timeless Love. 

We'll share some updates, and listen to some of our tracks together, as well as a special treat towards the end.

We got a lot of material and cool projects coming. Salute!

~ Enlivener

Here's Our New Video 

Enjoy Dimensions (Official Music Video)

Also check out Dimensions on major platforms

~ Nature Boi 

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