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New Music: Lessons from Tartaria - Enlivener ft Lydacane

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Enlivener - For Such a Time as This - album (Pre-Order)
Enlivener - For Such A Time as This - album (Pre-Order)

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Ahead of the launch of my upcoming For Such a Time as This - album release, here is an opportunity to listen to several tracks Energy, Gratitude, and Fight of Faith  I was inspired to create these tracks to highlight my love for hip-hop and spiritual growth.  I enjoyed jumping on some tracks with my brothers Kgreezy, Nature Boi, and Lydacane too. I truly hope you appreciate the artistry of these tracks. Make sure you sign the form above to connect with me and the other High Frequency Elites artists, get insights when we are dropping new material, hear some unreleased exclusives, and support our journey. 

More projects are on the way! Blessings!

~ Enlivener

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