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Greetings everyone! Since the age of 13 I started rapping and playing with words with friends and by myself, it has always been an outlet for me to unwind in that wave space, if you understand.  My calm place. Especially being inspired by the diversity from the likes of Anita Baker to Tupac, SWV, Aaliyah, Rakim, Biggie Smalls, the list goes on.  I'm an entrepreneur with my own cosmetic line using my own formulas. I also have a clothing apparel line. My goal as both a music artist and CEO of my business is to inspire others, especially youngsters on their life journey, both locally and internationally. As a member of High Frequency Elites crew, elevational thirst is what I thrive to push consistently an constantly building growth and structure to help further our young generations.  Building our communities and economy as a whole.  Formidable, undeniable, motivation, constant creative innovation, we knocking walls down! Diversity is key!


As a Communications Major graduate, Screenwriter, Director, and Entrepreneur, I have always been interested in the power of words to effectively communicate, but I never thought I would be sharing my talents this way. I've always been a fan of hip-hop, growing up, since I received my first mixtape in 1986 hearing Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T, and the Juice Crew.  I loved the era I grew up in, where the artists lived by the rule of adding on and being diverse in their approach to music delivery and style. Most importantly for me, I enjoyed listening to music with a message and meaning. I decided to pick up the mic, as I believe now more than ever people are yearning to hear good music again, and I look at this as a creative form of authentic expression to elevate and motivate others.

Nature Boi

I just love the endless joy I derive when singing, especially when expressing my thoughts and feelings through music.  A lot of artists inspire me so much, with the way they do their music. One thing I like about Eminem is the way he runs into his music with a good vibe and amazing bars like woooo. He's my number one. Beyond music I love acting in comedies and playing football.

Kaliym Shabazz

Hip-hop culture as a movement inspired me as an artist to rap about songs relating to the struggle of life.  Some people say hip-hop is dead because the movement is gone and people are doing it for personal gain and everything that goes with that.  My contribution to hip-hop culture is mind movement.  The legendary Big Daddy Kane inspired me to rhyme, as he is one of the best hip-hop artists to ever pick up the mic.   As a seasoned artist, my goal on and off the mic is to use my talents to offer fans and other High Frequency Elites artists good guidance and leadership.

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